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Experience The Real Charm Of Port Aransas 1st Annual Spring Cookoff

Experience The Real Charm Of Port Aransas 1st Annual Spring Cookoff

Date: Mar 04, 2020

Welcome to the beautiful world of Paella. Austin based group that embraces the paella and handles an annual cook-off/festival each fall. This annual cook-off is an open and outdoor activity with wood fire paella, where two teams compete with each other. 

This is the most beloved event of Austin, where thousands of people gather at a beautiful venue and choose their own place to spend the night. Under the dark and shady oak trees, you can spend your night while watching the clamor of the festival. The ticket of this Port Aransas 1st Annual Spring Cookoff also brings multiple other privileges such as; 

     1. Choice of beverages in the afternoon access

     2. Chance to eat the delicious community paellas which are prepared by the local chefs and organizers. 

     3. Bites treat from sponsors.

     4. A chance to enjoy the live DJ, music, and Flamenco dancers

With multiple incredible things to see, you should also consider choosing the hotel which is near to your desired destination. 

The Place Hotel is one of the best hotels in Port Aransas, where you will experience a comfortable and relaxing environment. It’s no wonder that Port Aransas is known as the famous summer spot where you can enjoy the blend of activities, cultural attractions, and dining. If you want to enjoy Paella Lovers United and don't want to worry about your stay, then you should prefer to book your stay with The Place Hotel. 

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